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Welcome to Gufaa
Exceptional Indian cuisine presented as it should be, in stylish and comfortable surrounding at a sensible price, Gufaa is the latest in a long line of restaurant introduced by the chowdhury family since 1957. Their expertise in the Indian restaurant business is unparalleled and includes highly acclaimed restaurant such as Bengal lancer, Bengal clipper and Bengal trader. as with all chowdhury family restaurants. Gufaa focuses on presenting the world greatest cuisine in various splendid styles and array of dishes originating from the length and breadth of the sub-continent. from street and beach snacks, through honest home cooking to dishes served at grand celebrations, Gufaa has them all. for good measure, you will find dishes that are unique to the familys restaurant, passed down through generation of great chefs for nearly 50 years. With what is probably the most comprehensive menu of any chowdhury Restaurant, the marvelous diversity of Indian cuisine is here in all its glory - to be enjoyed at your leisure as it should be quality food that is never fast, always savored in good time, quality time.

With restaurant experience and a talent for Indian cooking enhanced over nearly 50 years, why the rush?
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